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Natural and healthy

Don't leave your skin
The best and efficient ways to peel fruit without losing any of its flavor.


Shreds at high speed
Our electric machines for shelling and peeling beans, peas, beans... or any fruit that has a pod will make your life easier

Enjoy the good

Enjoy the good
The best is inside
We offer you the best and useful solutions for peeling pomegranates. Look what we can do for you.


We are a company founded in 1996 with a clear project, to create a machine to peel fruit in a simple way and for everyone, with a compact style for the home, so that everyone had access to its advantages.

Over time we have evolved, investing R&D&i to develop new machines for peeling fruits and vegetables, gaining notoriety within the sector, winning awards such as 1st prize at the Geneva International Exhibition of Technological Inventions.

The quality of our products speaks for itself, due to the trust of more than 100 countries placed in our products.

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