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Robito Almendra almond peeler - Pelamatic SL

Sale price€98,00

Robito Almond

Electric almond splitting machine

Robito Almendra is a very useful household appliance in families that harvest crops of fruits such as almonds, walnuts and hazelnuts. Its easy use allows you to share the harvest with your loved ones in a simple and comfortable way.

It has manual mode, in which you first place the almond and then press to break it, or automatic mode in which you only have to add almonds without stopping for greater speed.

It is also adjustable and its cone shape allows you to split different sizes without having to adjust the shelling jaw again.

Thanks to this system you can easily prepare delicious, healthy and healthy recipes. Sometimes the kitchen is the ideal space to share a moment of happiness with the family, children can spend a pleasant time among delicious recipes that require little effort thanks to the easy handling and use of Robito Almendra.

Thanks to this system we avoid wasting power and the risk of mishaps with different DIY tools. Robito Almendra has an ideal design for storage, its small format allows it to be in the pantry or in any other area of ​​the kitchen.

Robito Almendra Pelamatic SL
Robito Almendra almond peeler - Pelamatic SL Sale price€98,00

Customer Reviews

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Edwin Jonker
buena maquina

La máquina funciona bien y fue entregada muy rápidamente.