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Robito Vaina en Fallas de Valencia Pelamatic SL

Robito Vaina in Fallas de Valencia

Greetings to all our dear blog readers. In this post, I would like to share with you my experience during Fallas week using an innovative device that has completely transformed my way of cooki...

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Variantes de Robito vaina: Baby y Doble Pelamatic SL

Robito pod variants: Baby and Double

A while ago we told you about Robito Vaina , a household appliance that shells fruits and vegetables with pods: beans, broad beans, peas, soybeans, etc. This appliance is very successful, ...

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¿Cuándo se plantan las habas y cómo nos puede ayudar Robito Vaina? Pelamatic SL

When are beans planted and how can Robito Vaina help us?

Hello, friends of Pelamatic. Today I bring you a very interesting topic: When are beans planted and how it can help usr Robito Vaina? Surely many of you want to grow these delicious legumes in you...

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Cucurbit Peel: pelador de melones, sandías y calabazas para hostelería Pelamatic SL

Cucurbit Peel: melon, watermelon and pumpkin peeler for hospitality

In hospitality it is common to work at a frenetic pace. Food has to be prepared for many people quickly, and that is why time is one of the most precious resources. But not only time. The ...

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Pelador de piña neumático para hostelería: la forma más fácil, rápida e higiénica de pelar piñas. Pelamatic SL

Pneumatic pineapple peeler for hospitality: the easiest, fastest and most hygienic way to peel pineapples.

We can find pineapples practically all year round in the market, and their consumption is increasingly common, both alone and accompanying salads and main dishes. And its nutritional prope...

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Orange peel doméstica VS Orange peel hostelería: Similitudes y diferencias Pelamatic SL

Orange peel domestic VS Orange peel hospitality: Similarities and differences

  Today we want to talk to you about two of our most requested products: Orange Peel Domestic and Orange Peel Hospitality . The difference between the two is very clear, right? O...

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Orange Peel Hostelería: la solución para pelar frutas y hortalizas en servicios de restauración Pelamatic SL

Orange Peel Hospitality: the solution for peeling fruits and vegetables in catering services

  Orange Peel Hospitality is an excellent solution for those restaurants, catering establishments, buffets, hotels, dining rooms and residences that need to peel a large amount of fruits...

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Desgrana frutos y legumbres con vaina rápidamente usando Robito Vaina Pelamatic SL

Shell fruits and legumes with pods quickly using Robito Vaina

Today we want to talk to you about Robito Vaina , an appliance that shells fruits and vegetables that have pods: broad beans, beans, peas, soybeans, etc. Robito Vaina is a perfect complement to ...

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Nos actualizamos con el tiempo Pelamatic SL

We update over time

At Pelamatic we adapt to new times, new trends in the online market, and therefore we also want to offer a new visual aspect of the website, to offer you the best possible experience. Everythi...

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