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Article: When are beans planted and how can Robito Vaina help us?

¿Cuándo se plantan las habas y cómo nos puede ayudar Robito Vaina? Pelamatic SL

When are beans planted and how can Robito Vaina help us?

Hello, friends of Pelamatic.

Today I bring you a very interesting topic: When are beans planted and how it can help usr Robito Vaina? Surely many of you want to grow these delicious legumes in your orchard or garden, but you don't know what is the best time to do it. Well, the answer depends on several factors, such as the variety of beans you want to plant and where you live.


In general, broad beans are usually planted in autumn, between the months of September and December. This way we take advantage of the good temperatures at the beginning of autumn and achieve an earlier harvest. In addition, broad beans have the ability to renew nitrogen in the soil, which benefits other species that we plant later. However, there are also bean varieties that can be planted in spring, if you live in very cold areas or want to extend production.

But whatever time you choose to plant your beans, there is something that cannot be missing: ¡Robito Vaina! This fantastic device will make the task of peeling the pods and obtaining fresh and tender bean kernels much easier. You just have to insert the pods into the slot and Robito Vaina It will peel them automatically with its rotating blade system. This way you will save time and effort, and you will be able to enjoy delicious and healthy beans.

Don't hesitate and take advantage of this unique opportunity. If you want to know more about Robito Vaina, visit our website and discover all its advantages. And if you decide to plant beans this year, tell us your experience in the comments.

¡See you soon!

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