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Article: Orange Peel Hospitality: the solution for peeling fruits and vegetables in catering services

Orange Peel Hostelería: la solución para pelar frutas y hortalizas en servicios de restauración Pelamatic SL

Orange Peel Hospitality: the solution for peeling fruits and vegetables in catering services


Orange Peel Hospitality is an excellent solution for those restaurants, catering establishments, buffets, hotels, dining rooms and residences that need to peel a large amount of fruits and vegetables and who want to optimize this task.

It is a stainless steel catering machine designed for intensive use and to guarantee maximum efficiency and speed in the peeling task.

You can peel all types of fruits and vegetables as long as they are spherical or oval in shape: oranges, grapefruits, tangerines, limes, lemons, kiwis, pears, peaches, apples, potatoes, beets...

Its use is easy and safe, as is its cleaning. At the bottom it has a cylinder with three points (trident), where the fruit or vegetable is placed so that it remains secure. At the top it has another cylinder with a positioner (feeling tube), which is used to adjust the thickness of the blade cut. By adjusting this thickness, it allows you to peel all types of fruits and vegetables, both thick and thin skin.

In the following video you can see how it works:

The speed it can reach is about 8 pieces per minute if a single pass is made, or about 4 pieces per minute for thick-skinned fruits that require two passes.

Its dimensions are 29 x 21.5 x 31 cm and its weight is 7.5 kg. These features make it ideal even in small restaurant kitchens, as it takes up little space and can be easily transported according to the needs of the company.

It is ideal for preparing fruit and vegetables and making natural shakes, smoothies or smoothies in the shortest time possible. It is also very practical for making fruit salads or all types of desserts.

The machine can also be configured to make a superfine pass, taking advantage of the outermost layer of the citrus to make infusions, syrups or other preparations.

In short, Orange Peel Hospitality is a very suitable choice for companies that need to free up time in the process of peeling fruits and vegetables. An effective, efficient and fast machine, ideal for the daily and intensive use required in restaurants.

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