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Article: Orange peel domestic VS Orange peel hospitality: Similarities and differences

Orange peel doméstica VS Orange peel hostelería: Similitudes y diferencias Pelamatic SL

Orange peel domestic VS Orange peel hospitality: Similarities and differences


Today we want to talk to you about two of our most requested products:

The difference between the two is very clear, right? Orange Peel Domestic is for family use and Orange Peel Hospitality is for professional use.

But, beyond this, we want to delve into their differences and expose the peculiarities of each one.

We already talked about Orange Peel Hospitality in a previous article. In summary, it is a hospitality machine designed to peel fruits and vegetables very quickly and efficiently. Whether restaurants, hotels, catering and other services where many people must be fed, it becomes a very useful and appreciated tool.

On the other hand, Orange Peel Doméstica is an appliance designed for families. In this sense, although its function is identical to the Orange Peel Hospitality, it has features specially designed to make its use at home as practical as possible. The holding system for fruits and vegetables is the same for both: both have a trident and a stainless steel centerer to hold the piece, and a cylinder with a positioner that allows you to regulate the thickness with which the blade will cut.Likewise, Both are connected to electricity by cable and in their European version they operate with 220/240 V (110 V in the American version).

As for their differences, one of them is the casing: the Hospitality OP is made of stainless steel and the Domestic OP is made of resistant plastic material.

Another difference is found in its dimensions. The Hospitality OP measures 29 x 21.5 x 31 cm, while the Domestic OP measures 22 x 16.3 x 25 cm.

As you can see, it is not that the Orange Peel Hospitality is very large, quite the contrary, many professionals tell us that it is really practical due to the little space it occupies. However, the Domestic OP is even smaller, allowing it to be stored in any corner or closet in the kitchen.


The weight is another big difference, being 7.5 kg for the Hospitality OP compared to 2 kg for the Domestic OP. The lightness of the second is another key factor that makes it ideal to have at home and move it comfortably according to the needs of the moment.

Of course, the peeling speed is also different. The OP Hospitality is designed to peel many pieces in the shortest possible time, it has two independent motors, which is why it is more powerful and reaches 8 pieces per minute.

The Domestic OP does not offer as much speed, and it is not necessary either. It can peel approximately 3 pieces per minute, more than enough for a family. Therefore, its consumption is also lower (24 W compared to 72 W for the Hospitality version).

Otherwise, both offer exceptional cut quality and durability.

We hope that this article has been useful to you to better understand the different Orange Peel models.

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