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Double Pod Robito - Pod Sheller

Sale price€131,00

Robito Double Sheath

Electric bean peeler to peel baby beans, large beans, peas or beans at home

Robito Vaina Double is the fastest variant of the Robito Vaina sheller. By having two pod inputs you can do twice the work in half the time. Ideal for all types of beans, depending on the size of the legume, it is preconfigured for small, large or mixed (One entry for large and another for small)

Its characteristics make it an essential complement for fruit shops, hotels, bars, restaurants, schools, hospitals and any place that needs to serve natural foods in quantity, quality and in a short time.

In just a few minutes you will peel a kilo of beans and without black hands! Prepare your best recipes with beans.

Robito Vaina Doble Pelamatic SL
Double Pod Robito - Pod Sheller Sale price€131,00