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Robito Oliva - Olive Splitter

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Robito Oliva

Machine for splitting, slitting, crushing and crushing olives/olives

Robito Oliva is a small appliance created for dividing or cracking any type of olives. Its easy handling will allow you to create different flavors, using different levels of salt, spices and condiments that you like in a healthy way.

It is made up of three pieces that are easily assembled, allowing for quick and safe cleaning. The motor box has two small openings that are easily integrated with the screws in the mechanism housing (attached in the packaging). 3 different positions for the size of the olive.

Currently, olives derived for consumption usually contain high levels of preservatives for their maintenance and packaging, thanks to our appliance we can make, during the olive campaign, delicious combinations with aromatic plants and condiments for the production of delicious olives.

Thanks to its simplicity in assembly and its small size, we can use Robitoliva in any space or place. We can work with different sizes of olives, this allows us to prepare our recipes and use this machine with different varieties and states of maturity of the fruit.

Robito Oliva Pelamatic SL
Robito Oliva - Olive Splitter Sale price€70,00 Regular price€75,00