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Halves cutter

The Pelamatic halves cutter allows you to leave the piece ready for later use with little effort, becoming a very practical accompaniment to the Pelamatic peelers. Its design allows it to be cut in half in one fell swoop, making it highly useful for preparation processes.

The cutter is a pneumatic machine that comes with a special reinforcement to keep the piece still and facilitate cutting through the center of the piece, avoiding loss of time and making the most of the fruit.

General characteristics
Speed, efficiency and simplicity
manual machine
Operation with two safety buttons to avoid accidents due to carelessness
Allows quick and safe cleaning by using warm water and a cloth
Recommended daily cleaning
Designed with a metal structure
Finishes in food grade stainless steel and polyethylene
Technical characteristics
12 units/min approx.
1220 x 450 x 400 mm
17.7 kg
6 Kg
Diameter of 250 mm approx.
304 stainless steel and polyethylene
Adjustable to 3 heights with screws to dismantle the pneumatic pusher and change the center of force on the piece according to its size and improve the productivity and durability of the machine.