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Article: Health properties of beans

Propiedades de las habas para la salud Pelamatic SL

Health properties of beans

Do you like beans? If the answer is yes, you are in luck, because these legumes are some of the healthiest that exist. And if the answer is no, maybe you should give them a try, because they have many benefits for your body. In this blog post I am going to tell you some of the properties and advantages of consuming broad beans regularly.

Beans are rich in vegetable proteins of high biological value, which means that they contain all the essential amino acids that our body needs to form tissues and hormones. In addition, they are a source of complex carbohydrates, which gradually give us energy and prevent blood sugar spikes. They also have a high fiber content, which improves intestinal transit, prevents constipation and helps control cholesterol and glucose.

But that is not all. Beans also offer us a good amount of minerals such as iron, potassium, phosphorus and manganese. These nutrients are essential for the functioning of the nervous, muscular and immune systems, as well as to prevent anemia, hypertension or oxidative stress. And if that were not enough, beans also contain group B vitamins, which are involved in cellular metabolism and the production of neurotransmitters.

As you can see, beans are very complete legumes and beneficial for our health. But you may be wondering how to prepare them to enjoy them to the fullest. Well, there are many ways to cook them: in a salad, in a stew, in a puree... But first you have to shell them, that is, remove the pod that surrounds them. And this is where Robito Vaina comes into play.

Robito Vaina is an electrical device that makes it easier for you to shell beans. You just have to insert the pods through a slot and it is responsible for separating the grains and depositing them in a container. This way you can save time and effort while getting fresh beans ready to cook.

Robito Vaina is easy to use and clean, takes up little space and has a fun and original design. It is the ideal complement for bean lovers or for those who want to incorporate them into their diet. With Robito Vaina you can enjoy this healthy food more often without complicating your life.

So now you know: if you want to take care of yourself by eating well and without wasting time or money, try beans with Robito Vaina.

You will be surprised by your results.

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