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Article: How to peel fruits and vegetables quickly and easily with Pelamatic

How to peel fruits and vegetables quickly and easily with Pelamatic

If you are one of those who enjoy eating fresh fruits and vegetables, but are too lazy to peel them or do not have much skill with a knife, we present an ideal solution: Pelamatic. It is a machine that allows you to peel all types of fruits and vegetables in a matter of seconds, without wasting anything and without effort.

Pelamatic is a Spanish company founded in 1996 by José Pérez Gonzalbo, who had the idea of ​​creating a device to peel fruit in a simple way and for everyone. Since then, it has developed different models of peeling machines that adapt to the needs of each client, both domestic and professional.

Pelamatic machines work with a system of tongs that hold the fruit or vegetable and rotate it while an adjustable blade removes the skin. This achieves uniform and precise peeling, without damaging the pulp or generating waste. In addition, the machines are easy to use and clean, since you only have to change the head depending on the product you want to peel.

With Pelamatic you can peel everything from oranges and apples to pumpkins and watermelons, including tomatoes, kiwis, melons and potatoes. You can also choose between different cutting thicknesses to obtain the result you like best. And the best thing is that you can save time and money by buying whole fruits and vegetables instead of cut or packaged ones.

If you want to know more about Pelamatic and its products, you can visit their website or contact them by phone or WhatsApp. You can also watch some videos where they show how their machines work on their YouTube channel.

Don't hesitate and try Pelamatic: the fastest and easiest way to peel fruits and vegetables.

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