Slicer cutter CR

The Pelamatic slicer allows you to leave the fruit ready for later use with little effort, becoming a very practical accompaniment for Pelamatic peelers. Its design allows it to be sliced by just one movement, making it very useful for preparation processes.
Our slicer comes with a special reinforcement to keep the piece immobile and facilitate cutting, avoiding wasted time and making the best use of the fruit.
Three models are available to suit your specifications.

General characteristics

Technical characteristics

  • Strong, fast and efficient

  • Manual machine

  • Allows quick and safe cleaning by using warm water and a cloth

  • Recommended daily cleaning

  • Stainless steel pieces for a good hold of the fruit

  • Designed with a stainless steel structure

  • Advisable to facilitate the preparation processes in the Pelamatic peelers

  • Light and easily transportable

Technical characteristics

  • Productivity

    12 units/min aprox.

  • Dimensions

    Closed: 370 x 170 x 150 mm
    Open: 370 x 170 x 400 mm

  • Net weigth

    5 kg – 5,32 kg Depending on model

  • Material

    304 stainless steel

  • Number of slices

    CR-7: 17 Slices max.
    CR-10: 12 Slices max.
    CR-17: 7 Slices max.

  • Cutting fruit size

    125 mm

  • Slice thickness

    CR-7: 7 mm
    CR-10: 10 mm
    CR-17: 17 mm