Pineapple Peeler Double Pneumatic

The pneumatic double pineapple peeler is the fastest variant of our pineapple peelers that extracts the whole fruit. With two heads, you can get twice the work done in less time. Our industrial peeler provides a fast and efficient peeling of the pineapples. Its design allows peeling
the pineapple once the ends are removed, and extract the fruit without cuts avoiding the pineapple eyes and without the core, maintaining all its flavors and juices. In addition, the rind of the skin is in four pieces to be able to obtain a complete use of the fruit.

General characteristics

Technical characteristics

  • Speed, efficiency and simplicity.

    Better use of the fruit.

    Pneumatic machine.

  • One-touch operation.

  • Allows quick and safe cleaning using warm water and a cloth. Recommended daily cleaning.

  • Polyethylene pieces for a good grip and to keep the fruit once peeled.

  • Designed with a metal structure on locking wheels that allows easy movement of the machine.

  • Finished in food grade stainless steel and polyethylene.

  • Advisable to accompany with the Pelamatic pineapple end slicer.

Technical characteristics

  • Productivity

    30 units / minute approx.

  • Dimensions

    850 x 540 x 2120 mm

  • Weight

    60 kg

  • Air pressure

    6 Kg

  • Material

    304 stainless steel and polyethylene

  • Cut thickness

    Adjustable between 1-20 mm

  • Fruit size

    Standard: 7-8 Gauge

    Optional: Gauge 5, Gauge 6, or Gauge 9

  • Cut diameter

    Standard: 89 mm approx.

    Optional: 102 mm, 95 mm or 74 mm approx.

  • Heart diameter

    Standard: 30 mm

    Optional: 25 or 35 mm

  • Option settings

    Adjustment to extract the fruit with a radial longitudinal cut.

    Setting for mango peeling.

    Adjustment to peel fruits of a different size.

    Adjust for optional diameter of the core.

    Adjust to extract the fruit cut into triangular strips.

    Extra pieces for exchange of gauges.