Cucurbit Peeler

These machines are designed to facilitate the peeling of cucurbits such as melons, watermelons, pumpkins … etc. Its main characteristic is its strength and resistance to peeling tougher skins.

It performs the peeling processes quickly and efficiently, providing a higher production. Currently, these machines stand out for being able to peel tougher hides, as well as incorporating a safety system that facilitates their automatic stop.

General characteristics

Technical characteristics

  • Speed, efficiency and simplicity

  • Electro-pneumatic machine.

  • Allows quick and safe cleaning using warm water and a cloth. Recommended daily cleaning.

  • Peel any type of fruit and vegetable that has a spherical or oval shape to 500 mm in diameter.

  • Rotating trident .

  • Probe tube with screw to adjust the thickness of the blade cut.

  • Fixed blade.

  • Support of metallic structure on wheels with lock that allows an easy movement of the machine.

Technical characteristics

  • Productivity

    3-5 units / minute

  • Dimensions

    1200 x 1000 x 2100 mm

  • Weight

    220 kg

  • Voltage

    220/240 V – 50/60 Hz

  • Consumption


  • Air pressure

    6 Kg

  • Material

    304 stainless steel and polyethylene

  • Blade durability

    100,000 peeling cycles approx.

  • Cut thickness

    Adjustable between 1-20 mm

  • Fruit size

    Between 80-500 mm

  • Option settings

    Blade lowering speed adjustment

    Adjusting the thickness of the skin cut.

    Adjust opening height to reduce times.