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Blender + Orange Peeler <3

If you love fresh fruits and vegetables, you might want to consider getting a blender and an Orange Peeler peeler for your kitchen. These two appliances can help you prepare delicious smoothies, juices, salads, soups and more with ease and convenience. A blender is a versatile tool that can blend, chop, puree and liquefy different […]

OPH-001: Best zesting machine and good pricing

If you are looking for a zesting machine that can handle large quantities of fruits with speed and efficiency, you should consider the OPH-001 from Pelamatic. This machine is designed to peel and zest citrus fruits such as oranges, lemons, limes and grapefruits with precision and ease. The OPH-001 has several features that make it […]

Shell fruits and vegetables with pods quickly using Robito Vaina

  Today we want to talk about Robito Vaina, an appliance that shells fruits and legumes that have pods: broad beans, beans, peas, soybeans, etc. Robito Vaina is a perfect complement in your kitchen, especially if you have an orchard and harvest these legumes; or you like to buy them fresh and protected in their […]