More than 25 years of experience

Our extensive experience within the sector has made us win several awards, such as the 1st prize at the international salon of technological inventions in Geneva, we distribute our products to more than 100 countries around the world, and we are already on the 3rd generation that joins to our company, and with all this, we continue to bet for de best quality sample to be the satisfaction of our customers.

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About us

José Pérez Gonzalbo founded Pelamatic S.L. in 1996 with the project of creating a machine to peel fruit easily and for everyone, with a compact style for home. Due to the high manufacturing cost, he began to develop other machines with a greater opportunity to enter the market, in order to later develop the orangepeel with more resources.

The company was evolving and specializing in the peeling of fruits and vegetables, and gaining notoriety within the sector, winning prizes such as the 1st prize at the International Salon of Technological Inventions in Geneva, which gave it recognition in the international market with customers in more of 100 countries and distributing in large volume in continents such as Europe, Oceania and America.

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