Robito Vaina

Robito Vaina is a small appliance that allows you to shelling any type of fruit or vegetable that has a pod quickly and easily. The speed and efficiency of its peeling allows a large quantity of food to be processed, facilitating the freezing and storage processes for future consumption. Thanks to the Robito Vaina de Pelamatic you can peel any type of vegetable such as beans, beans, soybeans and peas avoiding the dye on the hands that is usually caused by peeling.

General characteristics

Technical characteristics

  • Speed, efficiency and simplicity

  • Commissioning at the push of a button.

  • Allows quick and safe cleaning using warm water and a cloth.

  • Shells quickly.

  • It has blades and rollers so that you only have to insert it, allowing the pod to be automatically shelled.

  • Stop (probe tube with screw) to adjust the thickness of the blade cut.

  • Attention: For smaller peas or legumes, use the Robito Vaina Baby.

Technical characteristics

  • Productividad

    24 piezas/minuto aprox.

  • Dimensiones

    15 x 20 x 11 cm

  • Peso

    1.1 kg

  • Voltaje

    220/240 V – 50/60 Hz

    110/120 V – 50/60 Hz


    Plástico ABS


    2 cuchillas con durabilidad de 1000.000 cortes aprox.


    0.08 A